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Trading DVDs around the world.

This is the place to get rid of DVD's that you no longer want. You know we all have them. Dvds that are unwatched, in a box, in a bag ready to go to goodwill... Post your lists here and swap them, or sell them to other members. If you have a big list (more than 20), please put it behind the cut.

♥ Original dvds only. No burns/bootlegs.

♥ Make sure to list what region your dvds are.

♥ Are you willing to ship overseas or only within your county?

♥ What genre of dvds are you looking for as a trade? Horror, comedy, romance, etc

♥ DO NOT post your home address or any other personal info (email addresses allowed) in your post. Save it for private messaging or emailing.

If you go through with a trade or sale, you are not holding this community/myself responsible for any lost trades. You are trading with 100% sole responsibility.